Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AxDroid Development Continues...

It's been a long time... I haven't been able to even access my axdroid workspace files for a long time due to a busy personal life (military service, marriage etc...).

But apparently the news are good for the AxDroid project. I have to give thumbs up to Paul Burton and Max Fierke who continue to develop this project.

It seems that Paul managed to upgrade AxDroid to Froyo and add some really nice stuff, like making the project much more easy to load on your Dell Axim. And as it seems sound is also working.

From now on, the official wiki for AxDroid is:

You can check out the progress and get the latest builds there. There's also a git repository for the project.

Good job guys.


  1. Aleluya :D new life for my dell axim

  2. Thanks for the seal of approval :) Hope life is treating you well even if it doesn't give you time for AxDroid!

  3. Yay!
    Excellent work!

    Thnaks so much for your effort!

  4. Ah!!And someone wishes to join the team.Well,I have a Dell Axim X50 and wish to play with it.All i'd say for now is,its a brilliant effort you guys are putting on.


  5. Who can Talk me through Installing Android into my Dell X51V?
    "" 323 717.7177

  6. The website seems down, and no comments after 2010, is this dead in the water? :(

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