Saturday, May 9, 2009

Update On Progress...

Just writing to update you guys on the progress so far. I have been very busy with work commitments lately, so there's not much progress. But now I'm trying to cleanup my work and will post an experimental image and some instructions soon (I hope :)). Just need some more time.

I also want to clarify some things that are asked:

1. I use HaRet as it's seen in the video. (Don't know how to make it work by flashing the rom yet)

2. I tested this only on x51v (that's what I have). It would certainly need some minor modifications to work on x50, x50v or x51.

3. I will make the source code available.

There's lots of interest in this project and there are really kind words towards me. I appreciate it. Up until now I refused some donations that were kindly made to me, because I didn't want money for something that I cannot promise. But if you feel you really want to contribute, I will accept them from now on.