Saturday, May 9, 2009

Update On Progress...

Just writing to update you guys on the progress so far. I have been very busy with work commitments lately, so there's not much progress. But now I'm trying to cleanup my work and will post an experimental image and some instructions soon (I hope :)). Just need some more time.

I also want to clarify some things that are asked:

1. I use HaRet as it's seen in the video. (Don't know how to make it work by flashing the rom yet)

2. I tested this only on x51v (that's what I have). It would certainly need some minor modifications to work on x50, x50v or x51.

3. I will make the source code available.

There's lots of interest in this project and there are really kind words towards me. I appreciate it. Up until now I refused some donations that were kindly made to me, because I didn't want money for something that I cannot promise. But if you feel you really want to contribute, I will accept them from now on.


  1. Hi Ertan,
    Thanks for the public update. You mention the X50 and X51 - do you know if there would be any changes required to run what you've done on the X50v?

    I'm really looking forward to running Android on my Axim X50v - especially if we as a community are able to get wireless networking going. All I can really use it for these days is a Skype phone - and not a terribly stable one - it'll be nice to be able to dust it off and use it properly.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Just tested on x51v, so x50v may not work properly too. But, once source code is available I guess all of the Axim x50/51(v) family will be supported with minor modifications.

  3. >>1. I use HaRet as it's seen in the video. (Don't know how to make it work by flashing the rom yet)

    May be U-Boot can be useful?
    But i'm afraid that then it will be impossible to return to WM.(But I am not sure of this fear)

    Sorry for my English

  4. Great project! I have a x50v and x30. If you have some rough instructions I'd like to try this out. TY!

  5. Pleeeeeeease!!!! :-(
    Tell me...
    How do you compile Linux kernel for dell x51v? Because
    all my attempts failed and I got only a white screen.

    I think that this is due to the framebuffer. What options you used in the kernel or haret config?

    Can you send me your kernel .config file?

  6. Thanks for your work! It will be great to breathe new life into my PDA.

  7. Thanks for the update!

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  9. Mr.Ertan
    I really looking forward to your project that will make me back on using my X51v without that sucks WM OS.
    also I'm beginner programmer, I'm interesting in linux dev on PPC platform too.
    Would you provide us more info about how you did that, what softwares did you use.
    And also for some user, they don't really need to wait for WiFi or BT for final version. Will you release the ROM without wireless support first?? Just a ROM for PIM & AudioPlayer purpose would be OK :)

  10. Hey man - you should share this with us! You could get a lot of help developing it and getting it to work from the community at large.

    Looking forward to see what you have done!

  11. Hey Ertan D.
    I am installing and testing Android on several other devices like HTC, Sharp, etc. at my Research Lab. I also have Dell Axim x50v and would greatly appreciate if you avail the source code of your work or a simple step-by-step procedure which explains how did you do that. It shall be very useful for us! I look forward for the code or ANY help. :)


  12. Hi!

    Where I can download image for testing? Thx

  13. project is dead :(
    upload please image with axdroid

  14. Hi Ertan.

    I have tested in my DELL Axim X50v with Pocket PC 2003 SE and works.
    Have the issue of the toggled coordinates, but, it's fine for me, for studying purposes.